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  • Happy Pucks (Set of 3)
  • Happy Pucks (Set of 3)
  • Happy Pucks (Set of 3)
  • Happy Pucks (Set of 3)
  • Happy Pucks (Set of 3)
  • Happy Pucks (Set of 3)
  • Happy Pucks (Set of 3)
  • Happy Pucks (Set of 3)

Happy Pucks (Set of 3)

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Designed to add positivity to your coffee routine.
Portafilter Size
In The Box

1x Smiley Puck Screen

1x Good Day Puck Screen

1x Perk Up Puck Screen


Material: Stainless Steel

Puck Screen Thickness: 1.7mm

Care Instructions

After each use, remove the puck screen and rinse it with warm water. If you notice discoloration or buildup, soak puck screen in a water and vinegar solution for 10 minutes.

Shipping & Handling

All orders are securely packed in snug padding and shipped via USPS the next day.


  • Distribution

    Promotes an even extraction by improving the water distribution in the puck.

  • Clean-Up

    Prevents coffee from getting sucked back into your machine.

  • Easy To Use

    Place on top of your coffee grounds and you're set. That's it.

How it works

  • Find your size

    Below you'll find a list of popular espresso machines along with their portafilter sizes. If your machine isn't listed, consult your espresso machine's manual.

  • puck prep

    Make your espresso as usual. Before attaching the portafilter to the machine, slide the puck screen over your coffee grounds.

  • Enjoy Better Espresso

    Once completed remove the portafilter, rinse the puck screen, and enjoy your espresso.

Find your portafilter size.

  • LaMarzocco Linea, GS3, Strada, GB5, FB80
  • Rocket Espresso R58, R60V, R9, Giotto Evoluzione R, Mozzafiato Evoluzione R, Appartamento
  • Profitec Pro 700, 500d, 300
  • Gaggia Classic
  • Breville Orcale, Dual Boiler
  • Sage Oracle, Dual boiler
  • Lelit Bianca, Mara X
  • Racillio Silva
  • ECM Synchronika
  • Victoria Arduino White Eagle, Black Eagle
  • Nuova Simonelli Aurelia, Appia
  • Synesso Cyncra, Hydra
  • Diletta Mio, Bello
  • Stone Plus, Mine
  • Ascaso Steel Uno, Dream, Baby T

  • Breville Barista Express
  • Breville Barista Impress
  • Breville Bambino
  • Breville Barista Touch
  • Sage Barista Express
  • Sage Barista Impress
  • Sage Bambino
  • Sage Barista Touch

  • DeLonghi Dedica Style Series
  • SMEG Espresso Machines
  • Eupa 220V


Our Happy Pucks aim to infuse your daily routine with joy—one espresso shot at a time, inspiring positivity with each sip.